Some passion projects of mine

A screenshot of the todo161 app. From top to bottom: there is a huge number "4" in an LCD-style font, three buttons, and a list of tasks. The buttons are labeled "Add Action", "Add Event", and "Mark Completed". Beneath the buttons, there is a label "Things to do:" and a list of tasks. The list of tasks reads "Create README for todo161," "Hang out with friends, in 02:03:34" indicating a countdown, "Laundry," and "Homework Assignment #3."


A simple to-do list app in Qt.GitHub →

Screenshot of a Pomodoro timer application interface with a minimalist design on a dark background. In the bottom left, large digital clock numbers display "19". Below the number, the text reads "Work until 8:50 AM". Below that text, another text reads "Next long break time is at 10:20 AM".


Pomodoro timer with Toggl Track integration.GitHub →

The BusyMap logo, showing an arrow from a smartphone to a group of students interacting. On the left, a hand holds a smartphone with a map pin and notification icon. To the right, a large blue arrow points towards three stylized students engaged in conversation. Above, the title "BusyMap" is prominently displayed in bold lettering. The background is a light blue gradient.


Real-time monitoring of dorm study and lounge room occupancy.Devpost →

Screenshot of a Grafana dashboard. On the top, there are two line graphs that have various colors filled underneath them. In the middle, there are two heatmap graphs showing a visible trend, in different shades of orange. On the bottom, there are two meters. Each meter has a number in the middle, and a semi-circle around it. The semi-circles are semi-filled at different levels.


Detailed time-series recording of personal Spotify listening data.GitHub →

A picture of Tzuyu from TWICE. There is a green rectangle around her face, with text above it saying "Tzuyu". There is also more text to the right of her face. It is the list of confidences for each person in the model. Mina has a 0% confidence. Jeongyeon has a 2% confidence. Chaeyoung has a 7% confidence. Dahyun has a 1% confidence. Momo has a 0% confidence. Sana has a 1% confidence. Tzuyu has a 89% confidence. Nayeon has a 0% confidence. Jihyo has a 0% confidence.


The AI that recognizes faces in music videos.Read More →

Screenshot of the 'Palette' app. In the center of the screen, there is a Polaroid-style photo featuring a nighttime view of Los Angeles. The Polaroid-style photo is labeled in a serif font: 'LA 2016' with 'LA' in pink and '2016' in cyan. Surrounding the photo are abstract strokes of pink and blue paint on the border of the frame. Below the image are interface buttons 'Reset' and 'Download.' In the top left corner is the app's title, 'IU Palette Generator,' and at the bottom is a GitHub link for the app's source code.


A fun, interactive image editor based on a music album.Read More →

Logo for reina. There is a grainy texture overlay on a soft pink background. In the foreground, the word "reina" is centered in a lowercase, sans-serif font, with a crisp white color that stands out against the warm backdrop. In the bottom left corner, there are faint silhouettes of delicate white flowers with slender stems, partially obscured by the grainy overlay.


The minimal discord bot.GitHub →

A 3D render of the Gemini app window. The album art of NIKI's "Moonchild" album is shown filling the whole window's background. The album art depicts an ethereal scene with NIKI floating in a dark space. NIKI is dressed in a flowing white garment that gives the impression of lightness and movement, as if she is suspended in air or underwater. The surrounding darkness contrasts sharply with the brightness of the person's attire and skin, drawing focus to NIKI. The text "MOONCHILD" is written at the bottom of the album art. There is a backward, forward, and play/pause button at the bottom of the window. In the center left, there is bold text that reads "Tide", and under that text is smaller text that reads "NIKI".


The aesthetic now playing app for Spotify.Read More →

A shot of the front of the Magic Mirror. In the mirror's reflection, Kyle is seen holding his DSLR camera to take a picture of the Magic Mirror. The Mirror magically shows information 'through' the mirror: on the top, the time, date, weather, weekly forecast, calendar events are shown. News headlines are shown at the bottom of the mirror. Alongside the mirror is an iPhone 5. The iPhone shows a folder on the home screen, with the folder's name being 'Mirror'. The folder contains three shortcuts: 'Start', 'Restart', and 'Shut Down'. The start button icon is a white play icon on a black background. The restart button icon is a white circular pattern on a blue background. The shut down icon is a white, hollow square on a red background.

Magic Mirror

A mirror that magically displays information.Read More →

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